Photo;Philip Brunnader

Photo;Philip Brunnader

About the rock which is actually water... ... 

I don’t know if my birth was a tough nut to crack, but when I came into this world, my parents named me Sakher. It is the Arabic word for “Rock.” I am sure they wanted me to become big and strong, as well as solid as a rock. 

But names not only determine who we are or what we might become. 

When I think of my character, I see much more the element of water. Water is convertible, it goes through the circle of life in different states of aggregation. 

It can adapt, and it is resilient. Water gives life and can destroy it. It takes on the form of its vessel. Just as water changes, life changes. After ten years of being a professional dancer, I changed sides and turned my passion into my job. Now instead of being watched and observed, I am the one seeing through the camera and capturing the moments of life.